The Libertarian Party & the Libertarian Ideology Explained Simply

The Libertarian Party is the political movement based on the ideology of Libertarianism which is a set of ethical values observing that humans are endowed with unalienable rights to live freely without infringing upon the rights of others.

The Libertarian Party, known as the Party of Principle, exists to empower the individual and holds liberty as its highest political end. Libertarians strongly believe in self-ownership, individual rights, and that a free society ultimately results in the greatest prosperity and happiness for every individual.

Libertarians are commonly known for paraphrasing their beliefs in one sentence. These include “Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff”, “Taxation is Theft”, “You can run your life better than the government”, and many others.

The Uniqueness of the Libertarian Party

Special interests, lobbyists, and corporations do not affect Libertarian politics. Libertarians believe that only individuals have inherent rights and groups do not. Likewise, we believe the only legitimate interest in public policy is individual rights and that corporations, special interests, and all other groups have no legitimate role in public policy decisions.

The Libertarian Party applies the same social ethics that already exist in our lives to politics. Everyone agrees it is immoral to steal, commit fraud, or any other form of aggression against family and friends. Likewise, the Libertarian Party believes politics should have those same values and that societal change should be achieved exclusively by voluntary solutions without the immorality of force, coercion, and fraud that most of today’s public policies require.

The political spectrum in the mind of a Libertarian is liberty vs. authority. While individuals may have values aligned with conservatism or liberalism, Libertarians are unique in our belief that these values should be freely chosen, not forced upon any individual.

The Stolen Vote Theory Debunked

If any major party candidates were helped by third party votes, then those major candidates would promote third parties to steal votes from their competition. Since this has never ever happened, we can conclude that major party candidates are not convinced that their odds of winning an election is impacted by the third parties. Although, we can conclude that third parties increase uncertainty in election outcomes.

Why Third Parties Have More Significance Than Major Parties

In the two-party duopoly, 50% certainty of winning is high enough to convince mega donors of probable success, still be unaccountable to voters, and still win the next election despite low approval ratings. Major party candidates only become better candidates when they face significant risk of losing elections. When the odds of winning elections drop below 50%, donors stop donating, candidates suddenly become accountable, and strive for high approval.

Only third parties pose risk significant enough to reduce certainty far below the 50% threshold that major parties consider enough to be unaccountable to voters.

How A Libertarian Government Would Have Solved The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Chu, University of Seattle, became a hero when she discovered COVID-19 was in America and illegally informed her infected patients that they had contracted COVID-19 in open defiance of the CDC's orders.

For the first 6 weeks of the Coronavirus pandemic, testing of any kind was illegal because of CDC regulations. When Dr. Chu first discovered the COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) in her patients who just arrived from China, she created a test to confirm who had been infected. Dr. Chu alerted the CDC of the looming pandemic and the CDC responded by telling her to both destroy the tests and not tell anyone about her findings including her infected patients.

While the rest of the world created $35 antibody tests that patients could easily perform at home and find results in minutes, the CDC would not allow any testing even when thousands of Americans were dying. Eventually the CDC authorized a few corporations and other institutions to make tests which could only be administered by a health professional. Additionally, they required that patients exhibit COVID like symptoms to even be allowed to be tested. To this day, only a few antibody tests are legal, they are in short supply, and can only be legally administered by health professionals. This is why our pandemic continues to grow out of control killing thousands of American lives.

Libertarians would have saved thousands of American lives by allowing tests to be freely made by medical professionals for public sale without any oversight. Under Libertarian policies, any American could simply purchase the same $35 anti-body tests already found throughout many other countries from their local store or pharmacy. We would know exactly who has COVID-19 and the threat would be easily mitigated through voluntary actions in our medical communities.

Libertarians’ Fear of Central Planning & Looming Crisis

Nearly all problems our nation faces are unintended consequences from failed centrally planned solutions.

Students take on six figure debt to qualify to obtain licenses to work in their chosen field. Healthcare becomes less affordable as they answer only to the highly regulated insurance companies to profit in their field. Retirement becomes almost impossible as people become dependent on the social security ponzi scheme that would otherwise be illegal if anyone else offered a similar retirement plan.

With nearly every public policy decision, Libertarians cringe as they imagine the effect on an innocent person’s freedom and the looming unintended consequences of that policy which will likely be addressed by even more poorly designed centrally planned decisions. Even more disturbing to Libertarians is that the American people seem to be unaware of this ongoing cycle which only convinces Americans to give up more freedom for a false sense of security.

The reason that Libertarians are so ferociously advocating to minimize government is not only because we believe in a political ideology. Libertarians are desperately fighting because they are watching the American people continue to double down on giving up more freedom for failed centrally planned solutions that continue to spiral America into looming crisis.

My Tumble Down the Libertarian Rabbit Hole

My journey began when I made the decision to join the Marine Corps. I felt the desire to defend others from harm. During my tour in Afghanistan, I learned that my actions were also doing harm to innocent people whom I was led to believe were potential enemies. I ended my service in the Marines and began my civilian life in undergraduate studies with keen interest in government, economics, ethics, and finance.

During the 2012 general election, I had not paid much attention to politics, but I cast my first votes to only 2 candidates, Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz only because they opposed socialized healthcare which I knew would cause healthcare prices to skyrocket even more and decrease availability.

After the 2012 election, I watched the Republican and Democrat parties become more restrictive both socially and economically. Neither party seemed to have any economic education nor allowed much social freedom. Hoping to find my place in the political spectrum, the only candidates who supported economic and social freedom identified as Libertarian or at least liberty leaning. Unfortunately, the only elected officials in Congress who identified as liberty leaning could be counted on one hand.

After losing hope for the future of our nation, I quit thinking about politics. During this time, I was pursing my bachelor’s degree in business. I was very intrigued in studying ethical philosophies and I enjoyed swimming in conceptual deep dives of morality. I learned that most of my classmates support autonomous freedom in their own lives, but they would quickly give up self-autonomy and surrender to utilitarianism if promised a better outcome for the greatest number of people. I strongly disagreed because I believed utilitarianism would diminish our intrinsic value as individuals thus making life less meaningful.

Applying my newfound ethical principles to politics, I discovered the Libertarian ideology. It made perfect sense because it consistently held individual rights as its highest ethical morality and rejected almost all utilitarian ethical philosophy. At that time, I discovered that the role of our government should be to protect individual rights and that individual rights are most threatened by forceful utilitarian policies. After realizing the highest morality is choice and individual freedom, I began to self-identify as a Libertarian.

During the 2016 general election, I cast my ballot exclusively voting for only every Libertarian candidate and I was disappointed to learn that the most Libertarian votes in any presidential election were only 3% of the vote. After this heart dropping letdown, I dedicated myself to enlightening the American people of the Libertarian message and do everything I can in my life to achieve a world of liberty in our lifetime.

In December 2020, the Libertarian Booster PAC asked if I would run for State Representative. Seeing this as an opportunity to inspire others to vote for liberty, I accepted in quivers of excitement. The Libertarian Party became a part of my life as I actively campaigned, engaged in activism, and became the elected Secretary of Tarrant County Libertarian Party in June 2020.

When Chris Hibbard is Elected to State Representative

If I'm elected to State Representative, I would demand we ensure our medical professionals could freely combat the pandemic, to make testing widely available, and at affordable prices which would all be achieved by the elimination of bureaucratic oversight of COVID-19 testing and treatment.

I believe running for State Representative is the best part I can play to achieve liberty in our lifetimes. I envision Texas to be a shining example of how liberty leads to the most prosperity and happiness bringing diversity of choice and values.

As a good candidate for State representative, I can be reached easily through Facebook, Instagram, my website, email, and even my direct phone number 682-521-3584.