Hal J. Ridley, Jr. Green Party on the 2020 ballot in Texas for the US House of Representatives #36 SETX. The Green Party is actually more diverse and open to new ideas that we desperately need, especially now. The demo repo party goes from far-right conservatives all the way to moderate republicans. Obama and the Clinton’s are moderate republicans and Jimmy Carter was the last moderate democrat in my opinion. Greens are on the left from far-left socialists to center-left. In my case center left-libertarian lite. On the political scale near Gandhi. I believe this is the political sweet spot. I don’t believe in a socialist government, I think we should try a democratic republic first if we can ever get one.

Instead of socialism, I would redefine “promote the general welfare” and cut back to actually “providing the common defense.” As of now, we do neither. General Welfare is, when necessary, basic food, housing, education, health care, and a public sector job if needed. We have a lot of problem people who know the problems too well, we are short on solution people. Solutionation: means we focus on finding solutions instead of staring at and promoting problems, constantly. If all we see are problems, then most think nothing will be done and so that is true. I’m a populist, for the people. I’ve been working class and middle class and in some poverty when I was young, I’ve been homeless a short while back then. A few years ago I lost my insurance and have unpaid hospital bills. I am likely the poorest candidate on the ballot for Congress in the country. There is no such thing as a rich populist.

In my opinion, I and the greens are dissidents. I and we bring a new set of ideas and solutions to the table, that is why we have no seat at the table, yet! The demo-repo party hasn’t had a good idea since never. Third parties lose and lose but we keep showing up because we have the ideas. The creation of the United States itself was a minority idea, the loyalists were a majority until Tom Paine. Ending physical slavery, ending child labor, women voting, the square deal, new deal, social security, medicare, medicaid, labor unions, 40 hr work week, overtime pay, unemployment insurance, care for the old, ill, disabled-special needs and legalize marijuana, all minority ideas from the losers. I would be proud to be among our group of world changers. If and when we lose doesn’t matter, if our ideas win! A difference between a green person and a demo-repo politician is I’m not afraid to lose, so I can be honest. They will say and do anything and everything to win at any and all cost. You get what you vote for. I don’t believe begging and bribery is the best way to run a democracy. If your first two steps are backwards, you’re headed the wrong way.

I’m not a politician, I’m a dissident; and this is not a political campaign, it’s an economic filibuster/unauthorized intrusion. I used my first few social security checks to pay the filing fee for ballot access. I’ve been in the Green Party since 96 and I’ve strolled for Congress three times. I was also on the ballot in 2016 for TX#36. I had no money, I don’t beg, so no campaign. I got 11% 24,000 votes. My friend said a record for a Green in a congressional race. I don’t know if that’s true or care. Losing by 89% is nothing to crow about. I am trying to amplify my free speech to tell a story of how we can create the world we want from the world we have, in time to make a difference.

Invention, innovation, and entrepreneurial acumen are all we have to pull up from this rapidly descending spiral, we best improvise some wings quickly. Everything we need is here now, or near. We gather up the best ideas to create a new holistic synergistic model of change. Inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller believed “If you want to change things don’t confront reality head on, create a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” I feel like a messenger bent to tell this story. I don’t need help with that. I’m responsible for what I say, not what you hear or believe or don’t believe, or do or do not. “Those are not my onions.”

If I can get people to believe, to come along and help create the change we need, that would be good but that would take a lot of help, to change minds is difficult. As for me I would rather try and fail than fail to try. I keep my expectations low and I am never disappointed so I get up every day to do what I can and what I want to do. That’s success even if I lose. The tweet is mightier than the sword. One idea I’m promoting is on my Twitter rant: The Super Amendment to the Constitution. GoC The Personal Robotic Revolution is here. When corporations use robotics we lose our jobs, when we use personal robotics we lose corporations.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, you can reach me at haljridleyjr.com, roboticconstruction.com, or on Twitter: @halridleyjr. Thanks! hjr2