Look at the condition of man and woman and ask yourself: What shackles us now? History is riddled with the freeing of peoples from the stranglehold of ideologies and organizations that suppress and distort the creative instinct of man and woman; the instinct to build original structures in the name of science and art. The human eye must not be trained for history, for it fails again and again to recognize new instances of the same pattern! The mind seems to naturally conceive of underlying patterns as a series of unique problems, and each time gives the same problem a different name. The suffocation of human creativity has been given many names before. Now, it is time to give it another name: Social Media.

When modern man and woman witness a work of true passion, they want to be the first to clap. Creativity has become synonymous with association, and the new man and woman take great pride in their associations. Social Media has redefined the beauty of man and woman as the beauty of their associations. Do not be so confused as to believe it! The process of creation is a process of passion and energy. Be watchful of those who take pride in things which they have not put their energy into! Beauty lies not in association but in creation itself.

A new stranglehold has been placed on human expression that has been enthusiastically accepted in exchange for a global audience. Human ingenuity “at the top” fights to expand the new medium ever more until we are given the freedom of expression in this new medium that we already had! Praise be to Facebook for giving us “Like”, “Love”, “HaHa”, “Wow”, “Sad”, and “Angry”! Perhaps now you will understand what I mean when I say: “Like”! We should ask the 10% of users that create all of the content on Social Media whether it provides them a “Like” or “Sad” medium for expression. My guess is “HaHa”!

Like all stiflers of creativity, the organization of Social Media draws lines between you and me; lines that categorize. It classifies man and woman and the content which they create into types. What is the genius of man and woman if not their ability to step in and out of different frameworks of thought, different categorizations of the world? Categories serve man and woman by creating order in their experiential world, but categorizations must be tested with reasoning and experience. Do not accept the categories conceived by a system that seeks to better understand you and predict your behavior! A cycle has been born, where types conceived of “at the top” govern the serving of recommendations, and those who consume these recommendations grow more into these types. Step out of it quickly!

The passion of man and woman has been stolen, and in its place is left a cold passivity and resignation. There is a need for passive consumption in life, but this need is no more than the feeding of the body with energy, the strengthening of the mind with knowledge, and the emboldening of the spirit with inspiration! Passivity has taken a step too far. Moments of silence in life, once the source of true freedom and inspiration, are now obstructed by the alluring cries of Social Media, cries which beg more for your attention than your creativity. Do not let your will go so easily! Do you hear what they say “at the top”? They speak as if the human will is already gone! When they find an issue in society, they no longer seek to fix the man or the woman; now, the structure of the medium is the cause of all issues! Have they forgotten the strength of the human will? Do not lose sight of your will, as the fog of Social Media will continue to grow thicker!

There will never be a death of human creativity, only a concealment. Social Media comes from a long lineage of ideologies and organizations that have concealed. Do not let your creative spirit leave your sight too easily! Take down the associations with which you decorate yourself, and rebuild yourself with your heart. Be cautious of art and knowledge materialized without struggle, for nothing created without passion and energy is art or knowledge. Be wary of the language that is imposed upon your expression, and understand that the value of audience is a value of only recent creation. Do not let yourself follow so many recommendations that you find yourself in the hole of a category, dug by those who seek to understand you and predict your behavior. Above all, turn away from a passive and detached life of consumption. The magnificence of man and woman lies not in their capacity for consumption, but for creation!