The Real Inter-Dimensional Travelers

Have you seen them?

Have you seen the magnificence of the inter-dimensional travelers? They are difficult to spot, but should you ever catch a glimpse of one, look closely and you can see the lines of reality bend around them, and sometimes snap. If you have not witnessed this moment yourself, perhaps you will not believe me. Lend me your ear so that I may convince you of this possibility. I tell you that there exists in this world a kind of person that crosses lines where you thought lines could not be crossed.

Allow me to illustrate this concept to you with the story of such a traveler. Many years ago, a boy named Friedrich was born into a family of orthodox values, and thus Friedrich grew into an orthodox way of seeing the world. However, one rainy night while he danced in the fields surrounding his home, Friedrich witnessed a crime of passion. Right before his eyes, an arm clutching a knife emerged from a gash in the fabric of his world and stabbed his father in the chest, killing him. Though the hand quickly receded into the depths of other dimensions, the tear in the fabric of Friedrich’s world remained, forever inviting him in; or more precisely, out.

Friedrich disappeared that day, but one that has grasped the possibilities of inter-dimensional travel well knows that to disappear is not necessarily to be gone. A new part of the world had revealed itself to Friedrich, dimensions of the world beyond those of his childhood, and he was always one to explore. For years he traveled the expanses of this new world, developing an understanding of each of its dimensions and the people confined to them. He laughed at the shocked faces of the people that witnessed his extravagant entrances and exits of their worlds; the faces of people catching a glimpse of what lies behind the curtain of their reality.

As years went by, Friedrich grew weary of his travels and became lonely. He returned home, seeking community and the warmth of understanding the world and its limits the same way as the people around him. However, Friedrich was quick to again become dissatisfied with a life confined to one dimension. It wasn’t long before he sought more travel.

In this manner, valuing both the warmth of community and the thrills of crossing lines, Friedrich oscillated between a life at home and a life of inter-dimensional travel. This is the balancing act played by all those who have learned the ways of inter-dimensional travel. Friedrich was not the first, and he certainly was not the last.

Now, allow me to explain to you what you may not understand about this story and inter-dimensional travel in general. By using the term inter-dimensional, I do not mean to implicate that these travelers have learned to perform inhuman feats; these dimensions that I speak of do not relate to space and time as you may have imagined. No, these dimensions are not lines within the world, but lines drawn upon the world. And lines simply drawn upon the world can be crossed.

Perhaps you will better understand if I explain what exactly these lines are in our conceptions of the world. A line can be thought of as a belief in the form: “If you are here, then you must next be there.” Natural laws are structured this way: “If an object is in this state, then it must next be in that state.” However, as I have said, the laws of nature are lines within the world, whereas many lines in our conceptions of the world have been drawn. When we inspect these lines closer, we actually see that they have the form: “If you are here, then it is generally accepted that you must next be there.” Such a line is crossed when one dares to in fact be here but not go there next. The struggle of every inter-dimensional traveler is inspecting his or her own conception of the world and determining which of its lines are natural law and which have been drawn.

With this understanding of inter-dimensional travel, you may now be skeptical of my description of Friedrich disappearing. However, when I say that inter-dimensional travelers can disappear and reappear, I mean it quite literally. It has been well established that an observer with a certain conception of the world fails to notice events which directly contradict this conception. The observer fails to notice when lines are crossed, and therefore will fail to notice the travelers that have learned to cross these lines.

Thus, to witness one of these inter-dimensional travelers, wait patiently and keep a sharp eye on your world. Especially focus on the lines of your world, those places which you had not imagined it possible to cross. The only time you can witness one of these travelers is when they enter or exit your world; once they are in your world, they appear normal, and once they are out, they cannot be seen. Fortunately, they are always moving, continually oscillating between dimensions. This is inevitable when one values both the thrills of travel and the comfort of community.

The sight of an inter-dimensional traveler tearing through the fabric of your own reality is scary, yet beautiful. I hope you witness it at least once in your life.