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Volume 1 Issue 1: Creation

In a world of daydreams,
the pale sky hums in my ear.
The tunes of my childhood
gently accompany me
with subtlety.

An endless array of clouds caresses my cheek
and sends the solace of
days already passed.

A thousand butterflies
flutter in a swarm of hues and
variations of
people I used to know,
mostly myself.

It has the silence of a spring day and
the formidable essence of a sun
which has finally found
its way back home.
Its rays glisten off the murky blue water,
almost blinding me
as I dare to catch a glimpse of its true form.

Quiet footsteps on
chlorophyll-saturated slivers of grass,
harboring a world of its own,
clearing away those long winter nights
for the days ahead.

On each tree, an engraved face can be found.
All of them handsome,
with a charisma that
makes you reluctant to look away
and leaves you in awe
at the sight of beauty and its
endless ability to
charm the very being of our souls.
Each one encountered leaves you
unsatisfied as if
you’ll never be able to
get enough of them.
Even the idea of eternity seems

My footsteps guide me to a cobblestone
pathway with sunflowers,
gating the trail to
the memories
I had forgotten.

One by one,
tears begin to
stream down my face.
They slide off my skin and
seep into the sphere beneath me.
I lift my eyes again,
and all I see is you.

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Volume 1 Issue 1: Creation