Howie Hawkins is running for president as the nominee of the Green Party. His running mate is Angela Walker. Howie is a retired Teamster and Angela is a trucker. They are two workers running for the White House. They are both long-time activists for economic, racial and environmental justice as well as ending wars.

Howie, who participated in the founding of the Green Party in 1984, was the first US candidate to run on a the Green New Deal in 2010, combining an Economic Bill of Rights to jobs, income, housing, health care, education, and retirement with transitioning to a 100% clean energy by 2030 in order to reconstruct the economy for economic justice and climate safety. Howie has run for governor of New York, the city council and auditor in Syracuse. Outside of electoral politics, Howie has been a constant organizer in peace, justice, union, and environmental campaigns. He is a Marine Corps veteran, attended Dartmouth College, and has helped organize cooperatives, including a worker cooperative that specialized in energy efficiency and solar and wind installations and a food consumer co-op.

Angela Walker currently lives in Florence, SC, was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI to a working-class Black family. This upbringing shaped the activist and organizer she later became. In high school, she and a group of Black students petitioned for and received an African American history class at their predominantly White school. Angela became a member of the Army Reserve in August 1992, and began classes at the Milwaukee Area Technical College in 1993. While working for the Milwaukee County Transit System in 2011 she was a member of the Amalgamated Transit Union was appointed Legislative Director for the local after leading her union’s participation in the Wisconsin Uprising and the Occupy Movement. In 2014, she ran as an independent socialist for sheriff against the conservative cowboy-hatted Democratic incumbent, David Clarke, who became a fervent Donald Trump’ supporter. She received 20% of the vote. In 2016, she was the vice presidential candidate for the Socialist Party USA.

Howie Hawkins Offers Voters A People’s Choice

His Agenda for Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, a public health response to the pandemic and Ending Inequality Is Supported by a Majority of Americans

I am running on real solutions to life or death issues.

At the top of the list today is the urgent issue of the COVID pandemic. The US has 4% of the world’s population but we have 25% of the world’s deaths from the virus. There are currently over 160,000 deaths and the US is likely to see more than 250,000 deaths by Election Day. COVID will be the third largest cause of death in the United States after cancer and heart disease.

The virus has been poorly handled by both parties. President Trump’s failure on the virus shows his incompetence as president, and former vice president Biden, who can command the public stage as the Democratic nominee, is not providing leadership on the issue. I’ve put forward an agenda to confront the pandemic with aggressive public health measures. Every employer should have access to the same rapid testing equipment the White House has been using for months. We need to be able to test people to stop the spread of the virus and trace who has been exposed and isolate those who are ill. We need to put this basic program in place so we can safely reopen the economy and schools.

The other life or death issue that has come to the forefront is the killing of Black people by police. The national uprising that occurred after the death of George Floyd is one that the government needs to respond to. People have seen video after video of police violence against Black people. They have had enough. We cannot allow the police to continue policing themselves and covering up their crimes. That is why I am calling for democratic community control of the police so that communities can determine how their neighborhoods are made safe and ensure that police serve the people.

The response to economic collapse that has come with the COVID pandemic demonstrates that the two governing parties are presiding over a failed state. Trillions have been lent and spent by the Federal Reserve and Treasury to bail out investors and big business. This flood of money has gone into the stock market instead of investment in the real economy, which does not help the more than 35 million people seeking employment. Funding designated for small businesses has first gone to members of Congress, the Trump administration, and their families, cronies, business associates and donors.

The Hawkins/Walker campaign is running to put the necessities of the people and the protection of the planet first. We are putting forward an agenda that is ignored by the two parties. The majority of the people in the United States support improved Medicare for All but the two parties continue to protect the profits of the insurance industry. The people support free education from pre-Kindergarten through college and vocational school but the two parties push people into debt for post-secondary education. The people see that climate change is a threat to the planet and support the Green New Deal. We see the fires, floods, droughts and rising tides but the two parties continue to protect the profits of the fossil fuel industry.

There are five crisis issues that are my campaign's top priorities.

  1. Handling the COVID pandemic based on public health and science.
  2. Confronting the economic collapse that is producing Depression-era unemployment and business failures.
  3. Facing up to the existential threat of the climate crisis with a Green New Deal.
  4. Stopping the new nuclear arms race, an existential threat to our survival that no major party candidate has even addressed.
  5. Facing up to economic inequality that creates unacceptable but all too real crises for working families trying to pay for food, rent, utilities, medical bills, child care, college tuition, and/or student loans, and which has led to declining life expectancy for the working class, with a life expectancy gap of 20 years between our poorest and richest communities.

On all of these issues Hawkins/Walker is on the side of the people and gives people a choice to vote for what they want.

My campaign is funded by the people not by big business and special interests. Unlike President Trump and former Vice President Biden, I do not take money from the insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry, Wall Street, or weapons makers. My campaign is for the people because it is supported by the people.

This agenda challenges the two-party corporate state that is not very different from a one-party state. It's just slicker because it gives the illusion of choice.

The United States has the most deeply embedded two-party system in the world. Both parties are funded by the extreme wealthy and big business and both parties represent the interests of the millionaires and billionaires.

If you are like most people in the United States and support Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, education from pre-K through college or vocational school, a public health approach to the pandemic, and reducing inequality, vote for our Green platform. Don’t get taken for granted by settling for the lesser evil. Vote for what you want and make the politicians come to you.

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