It's always a pleasure to help spread the word about cryptocurrencies and to inform people about why they're so important. Nowadays it's often very hard to differentiate between real and 'fake' news. Especially since we're being bombarded by a lot of FUD recently by big institutions who want nothing more than to bring the crypto world down. But more on that later, let's first start by introducing ourselves.

We are the team behind SuperCoin. SuperCoin is a cryptocurrency that was launched at the very start of the altcoin world back in 2014. It's based on the X11 protocol and it differentiates from other altcoins in various ways. SuperCoin is fast. And by fast we mean REALLY fast. Transactions happen in a matter of seconds. Whereas other cryptocurrencies can take minutes or even hours to process a transaction. This makes our coin perfect for online games, microtransactions, gambling or just to send your friends some SUPER to trade.

There are other coins that have fast transactions too, but they often charge premium rates to do so. SuperCoin however charges nearly nothing (​0.0001%​) when performing a regular transaction or just 1% when using a SuperSend transaction. This brings us to the next item that makes SuperCoin so... well... super! It's very secure and anonymizes transactions through a specially constructed system of mixer and guarantor. For more info on both the transaction speed and the security feel free to visit ​​.

That's the how of SuperCoin. Now let us tell you about the WHY. The world is constantly evolving, always has, always will. But back in 2008 something strange happened. It was the start of the banking crisis and everything seemed to be tumbling down. People were used to taking out loans for everything since the interest rate was low. But when the rates started to rise those same people were unable to repay their debts since they now had to pay off more than they had foreseen. Banks started to get worried because they weren't getting enough money back so their credit ratings went bad. To resolve this, the banks joined all of their loans that weren't getting repaid in time into a new financial device. That financial device was given a great rating by the rating bureaus. The banks then sold these devices to other financial institutions which did the same thing. A couple of iterations later, and some well known fraudulent bankers who only care about their personal gains instead of taking care of the regular people, and well... we all know what happened next. Just watch The Big Short, and everything will become clear.

Disclaimer: We do not mean to make any allegations against any individual, the following paragraphs are merely based on observations.

Fast forward 12 years and look at what has changed. NOTHING. The EXACT SAME BANKERS who were to blame for the 2008 collapse are still running the show! This just shows how powerful these few are. And we believe that no one should have that amount of power. Enter cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies allow everyone to be their own bank. It will never limit you to withdraw any of your funds. No one can decide to empty your account. YOU are in charge. It takes power from the bankers and gives it to the people.

Financial institutions like the federal reserve (which is not a federal bureau but is actually a private firm) and big banks are working extremely hard to boycott cryptocurrencies. Why? Because they feel threatened. It even goes as far as market manipulation, which is highly illegal and will send you straight to jail! Unless, of course, you're a big banker, then everyone will just let you engage in those criminal activities.

Without naming anyone, a particular banker has stated in the past that he will fire anyone in his bank who has anything to do with cryptocurrencies. Even when his own family was getting interested in crypto's he denounced it and called it ludicrous. He would even periodically release a press statement about how cryptocurrencies are only used for criminal activities and how it's dangerous for regular people to take interest in crypto. This caused the price of BTC to go down each time such a press statement was released and each time coincidentally one of the daughter firms of that big bank bought up truckloads of BTC for cheap. So first he tanked the market and then reaped the benefits of the crash himself. This is pure and utter market manipulation.

There have been numerous lawsuits against these institutions for doing this yet the same persons still sit at the top. Even though they lost some of the lawsuits, the amount of money they had to pay as retribution was peanuts compared to the massive amount of money they made from the manipulation. This shows just how criminal some of these people and the current system are. You can find numerous reports on these events on YouTube.

Now that cryptocurrencies have become more and more integrated, some of these top bankers have expressed their regrets about calling BTC a fraud. So we have to commend them for the good things they do too! The fact that these apologies have been made also shows that cryptocurrencies are not going away and that even big bankers are making a 180-degree turn just to not miss the boat.

By the way, their argument about criminal activities and BTC couldn't be more wrong. The absolute number one currency in criminal activities, you guessed it, is the DOLLAR. Why aren't the media mentioning this and are instead putting the focus on BTC? Well, guess who owns the big media corporations?

Another thing financial institutions love to use to point out how cryptocurrencies are a scam is the fact that cryptocurrencies are not backed by anything physical. It's worth just as much as the people are willing to pay for it. Not like the DOLLAR and the EURO right? WRONG! A lot of people still seem to think that regular currencies are still backed by gold reserves, which they haven't been since 1971! The DOLLAR and the EURO are worth whatever the governments say they are worth. Coins aren't even worth their weight in the metals they're made from. The people and institutions that currently control the money supply will stop at nearly nothing to keep their power. And cryptocurrencies are most definitely a threat to that power.

The only hope for countries to keep their economies running is to embrace the future, let go of their own local currencies and hop onto the crypto-boat to ride the crypto-waves. Several intelligent retirement firms are already incorporating cryptocurrencies in their portfolio. Crypto adoption is happening! At least with cryptocurrencies the prices are fairly determined by every user across the world and most of them are decentralized. (Except for XRP and few others) This means that, unlike fiat currencies, no single party can determine their value, nor can a single party block your account, nor empty it for you, nor go bankrupt and take your money to fund their own severance pay.

The DOLLAR and the EURO are actually devaluating at rates never seen before. Let's talk economics 101. Basic supply and demand. If you have a stable demand and stable supply, the value will be normal. If you have rising demand and stable supply, the value will be high. If you have stable demand and rising supply, the value will be low. The number of people using fiat money like DOLLARS and EUROS is relatively stable. Yet TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of DOLLARS have been created out of thin air during the last couple of years in an attempt to keep the economy turning. You do the math about the value of a single DOLLAR.

The world is on the brink of a new financial dawn. We've seen it time and time before. The ancient roman empire suffered a similar economic crisis which was also in part created by corrupt officials. Their monetary system collapsed with it. We're seeing a similar thing now, the level of corruption in the current banking system is bringing their own demise. One way to safeguard your holdings is by putting it in a safe haven, like gold, silver, or maybe even more interesting, decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or maybe even SuperCoin.

The transition of fiat money to crypto money has only just begun. The adoption of cryptocurrencies is slowly but steadily gaining attention and the values are reflecting this. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin. So the demand is rising fast but the supply is stable. None of this is financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are still gaining momentum and they're not there yet so we would advise everyone to treat cryptocurrencies like you would treat any other investment. Do not invest more than you're not willing to lose, but keep in mind that what you currently have (fiat) may not be worth much in the future.