Evolutionary Fiction

a mass of white feathers

A Ticket to Heaven

Let go, members of the congregation, of Heaven.


I leave what body is and is not to those with the scholarly acumen to deal with it—and instead am concerned with the meaning of body, alive.

Upon the Act of Creation

So let us begin, with a cup of tea in hand and a rapt eye for the truth.

Floating Images

Relating camera obscura to obscurity from excess


She reached a hand into the air before her, eager to touch something, anything...

To My Child

When I imagine the story to tell you, I taste a loveliness and a madness at once...

Compass of the Winds

A squat, grey building of only thirty-four stories...

Shopping Absurdity

Someone new is exploring the shelves at your local Walmart.

Ms. Mississippi

The first night we set up camp in the dark...

The Interview

Marcel has no idea what he's in for with this next interview with a strange candidate named Blue.


Power outages are common this time of year...

A Silly Observation

I stumbled upon a silly observation the other night on the way to see my family physician.